Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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Re: Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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fogrider wrote:Followed that FB link, incredible what brilliant info and photo's there is. So, who are the people posting all that stuff ?, how many are club members ? couldn't some be patched through to Epitrochoid ? or do us digital dinosours give in and join farce-book ?
Roll on summer, the Sport is ready to go.........
Regards, Terry
Well the F1 frame post was me, I have actually joined the club yet to be fair.
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Re: Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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Dear all, I have had a word with Graham and Anthony at startrights and it's a pleasure to talk to two enthusiasts who are trying to do so much, run a business but also try and explore opportunities with rotary components (and everything else in between). I tentatively asked whether they would be interested in assisting a group/club look at trying to source components for rotaries and the conversation was very positive and by their own admission they can only do so much (and have managed to do so much). I suggested that I looked at compiling a data base which I will start and share of course and if you can give it some thought then we can see what happens.
I have some technical resource at the moment with representatives from both Rockwell and Brammer at our engineering company who might be able to give some assistance, although this may be only for a short space of time due to us being made redundant in the next 18 months. It will be a lot of work looking at all models etc but it could also be very interesting and rewarding to try and find solutions to keeping the bikes were they belong. More news later
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Re: Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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The big differance over fb and hear is fb you can edid and deleat your posts.

I have removed my comments from a post when I did not like or agree with comments on face book. You can't do that hear.

However Richard Negus made a valid point on the lack of moderating on this forum compaird to the noc forum most of us know each other personally.

This forum still has its place and many thanks to Graham for continuing with it.

Regards wayne
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Re: Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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Scrolling through I found much comment on Norton Rotary Enthusiasts on FB. Downloaded my photo to join but was told because of Covid19 they might not be able to p[rocess my application - or was it my photo? smiley
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Re: Reclaiming rotary engine components.

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I find that the Norton Rotary Enthusiasts FB page is interesting, but mainly for those interested in the racing bikes and owners of F1's, that said there are some post concerning the non sports bikes.

The Rotary Owners Club is an excellent source of information on the Norton rotary's i.e. Classics, air cooled and Commanders, it is where I go for help and advice, the search function is very good and if someone is really stuck RN often pops up with the answer.

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