commander locks

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commander locks

Post by trevair »

hi does anyone know who does locks or something the same for the panniers fairing lids etc, i realise they wont be same key as ignition key but mine are a bit grubby
regards trev
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Re: commander locks

Post by Interpol2471 »

They are pretty stand barrel cam pivot locks just make sure you measure the length
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Re: commander locks

Post by Anthony Duffield » ... pack/6637p

Screwfix (there are other suppliers) have a range of locks that will do the job
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Re: commander locks

Post by Clive603 »

Southco do a zillion or so different types in with all parts sold separately so you can build up the right combination of barrel length, cam arm length and fixing style. Being an industrial supplier the locks might be better quality than those from Screwfix and other DIY, E-Bay et al suppliers. I'm not convinced by the mounting hardware shown in the Screwfix pictures.

RS Components do a pretty fair range too with widely varying prices for what look to be "same thing". Like £6 to £16 from same brand supplier. No idea what the practical difference is but standard style cam locks are intended for indoor use on fairly undemanding applications. I've seen uber-cheapies either fall apart or jam up solid after a few months out in the weather.

If you go to Screwfix or similar supplier you will not be able to get a full set with the same key number. Having different keys for panniers, seat lock and fairing hatches could be annoying. Allegedly they cannot be re-keyed. In practice there aren't many wafer differences so it can be done provided the cam tongue is screwed, rather than riveted, on so the lock barrel can be pulled out. Life is too short for me to do that again! Being paid helped.

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