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Just to let everyone know who sent messages about rotary spares for F1 and Interpol 2 I have sorted parts and will be feeding them onto eBay this week. F1 parts are on first.
No offers and if they don't sell back in my shed lol

Oh I put parts from Rugeley but I meant Shenstone bought from Tony Squire.

If anyone can remember the F1 bits sitting on the roof of the ladies toilet haha
Various rubbish in various states of decay.....
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Re: Spares

Post by Wayne »

I have asked a question on eBay.

I bought one of the left over tops from Andover, I chose the best one in the wearhouse. When I got home the centre hole for the side panels is out non of my 6 Ebrow side panels for my f1 or sport would fit (their the same side panel on both bikes). The two early flat side panels I have do fit this top I bought, but don’t fit my actual bikes. I got those panels from the Rougley closing down sale.

Do you have the matching faring bottom and side panels as well

I have no idea if there’s two different f1 tops or I dropped lucky buying a top and matching side panels that are non std.

Regards Wayne
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