Silkolene oil delivery (possibly)

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Silkolene oil delivery (possibly)

Post by kanonkopdrinker »

Having just masterminded a delivery of Silkolene 2T to Newcastle via an ex-colleague whose daughter lives there, I wonder if there is any demand for the same in other parts of the UK? (Royal Mail do not like transporting it!)

In the next few weeks I plan to be in both Barnstaple (North Devon) and Fort William (Scottish Highlands) and will very happily bring some with me for those ROC members in those areas in need. (Also good chance of visiting family (once this COVID-19 menace has subsided!) in Skegness, Lincs and Derby, and can take some with, if either area is good for a pick-up? ....)

The price is still £39.95 per can - but this is the price when we last ordered it, and any new stocks will almost certainly cost more.

Email me if you could do with some ....

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Re: Silkolene oil delivery (possibly)

Post by mick695 »

Hi David

Yeah, thanks for arranging the oil delivery, your plan worked well.

It's also worth pointing out that the oil you are selling is in the 5 litre bottles, not the 4 litre bottle currently on sale.... so even better value Very Happy


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