Rotary in MCN classifieds

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Rotary in MCN classifieds

Post by cdrkeith »

This ad is in yesterday's MCN classifieds:

"Commando Rotary Interpol 2
1987, 11,400 miles, Engine rebuilt 2019, new tips and seals Molly Coated side plates Built by stark Wright of leeds Good £8000. Tel 01356550187. Glos"

And there is a photo of a naked Norton rotary -- can't make out much detail.

Not sure if you can find it online too.
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Re: Rotary in MCN classifieds

Post by BlackIP2 »

The only one I can see in the MCN online classifieds is this low mileage Commander, going for (a somewhat ambitious?) £12,950: ... /56205487/
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