F1 Sport For Sale

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F1 Sport For Sale

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Dear all - after 10 years of great ownership, it time for me to sell my F1 Sport. I'm advertising here first as members of this forum have been incredibly helpful and supportive over the last ten years, and I think it's only fair you good folks get a first chance at purchase. After a week, I will run an ad on the Facebook group and talk to auction houses and magazines.

My bike is one of the 5 (I think) bikes fully rebuilt by Richard N when he was running Norton Motors Ltd in Rugeley. It was the fourth bike of the original F1 Sport build - see the factory build sheet photo attached. It was completely rebuild as a brand new bike by Richard and the team in 2005. I have Richard's complete build file, including his own review of the original bike before the rebuild, list of all the updates and modifications and report on the finished bike. This includes a full set of photos of the rebuild. During the rebuild the bike was converted to the pinion spec, so it has a removable hard cover over the pillion seat making possible to carry a passenger (although I never have!).

I'm the second owner of the bike. I bought it at Bonhams Spring Sale at Stafford in 2008. The prior owner had purchased the bike directly from Richard at the factory.

Since the rebuild the bike has covered just over 8,000 miles. The bike is still in incredible condition, I love and care for my bikes personally, and restore pre-war bikes to concours spec. I've enjoyed riding this bike, so it is currently not concours, but with a little work I think it could be.

I'm pricing the bike at £32,500 which I think reflects the unique nature of the machine. I'm based in West London and can be available for serious viewings only please. Please message me via the forum if you are serious.

I'm having mixed emotions about selling this machine. Those who have ridden one will know what an amazing piece of kit they are. My only reason for sale is lack of use. I have a new business and the bike just isn't getting ridden.

Hurry up if you want one, as the longer I think about it, the more I might change my mind and want to keep it!!

Link attached to dropbox to show photos.

Thanks all,


https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c2fuzsjg0q4p ... -4eHa?dl=0
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Re: F1 Sport For Sale

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Hi Barney

the dropbox link dose not work

Regards Wayne
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Re: F1 Sport For Sale

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He's right y'know,J.B.
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