First ride in 21 years

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First ride in 21 years

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Hi everyone,

I had my first ride on a Commander for 21 years yesterday. Having ridden old British singles and twins for that period, I had to concentrate to remember right foot brake, left foot gears. It came back surprisingly easily. I had forgotten how smooth the rotary is and also how quick it will go without seeming to be travelling. 70mph on the dual carriageway felt like 50 on an old clunker and absolutely no vibration. I could actually see what was in the mirrors.

I think the carbs need a little bit of fettling and I need to adjust the travel on the gear linkage, I had some minor issues with changing from 1st to 2nd. The pedal seems to have a lot of travel compared to the last one I had.

Only one grumble. I picked up a crack in the windscreen from a stray stone thrown up by another vehicle. New screen on order from Andover \Norton.
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Re: First ride in 21 years

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I'm really surprised it took you 21years to get back on a Rotory wink, I sold ALL my old British(and Japanese) bikes after the first month of Rotory riding,I was totally converted Very Happy,and remained so for the next 20 odd years,SVF,J.B.
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