At Last

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At Last

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Well at last I have been registered and I am now in the club. It's been a long time but many thanks to Anthony, Graham and David for all their help.

I bought the IP2 Demonstrator on ebay recently and will remove the fairings etc and try to make it more like a Classic.

The bike came to me with a loom that was said to be for a Classic but some of the colours don't seem to be correct. So does anyone have a Classic wiring diagram I can buy/borrow/whatever? At the moment I am also looking for a lifting handle and probably many more bits as the weeks go by. If I cannot find a W/diagram I may just use the IP2 look which also came with the bike, I did want to keep that intact in case I turn her back into a demonstrator at some time.

The bike is a non-runner and looks to be loosely assembled but otherwise it looks in good nick. I bought an IP2 many years ago. I had Shenstone do some work on the gearbox and molyed the end plates and then I sold it - WHY!

The previous owner said he has a lot of service history to send to me but he has just moved so it is a box somewhere. I wish he would hurry up I mean how can finishing off the recent move be more important than sending me the history.

Any tips and advice would be very welcome.

I hope that engine is in good nick, time will tell.

Be alert. Roger
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Re: At Last

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There is a link to the wiring diagram on Startright's website, but unfortunately the link is broken. If you ask Graham nicely, he might restore it.
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Re: At Last

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I have sent you a PM.
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