A4 Certificate Classic

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A4 Certificate Classic

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A request:

As i always want my bikes to be complete with all paperwork, toolkit and ridersmanual, it annoys me that the previous owner of my Classic lost the A4-buyers certificate withe the details of the first buyer. (i have these details)
I now have the plan to make a replica-document and ask Richard Negus to sign it, to give it some official conformation.
But i have no clue what this document looks like. Richard also tried to get a copy of this document but was unsuccesfull.
Therefore i hereby ask a fellow Classic owner if he would mail me a colorcopy of his document so that i can make replica for my bike.
I wouldn't go to all this trouble with a run of the mill bike, but a Classic is something special isn't it.
Hope someone can help!!
Many Thanks!!


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