Classic's and their owners

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Classic's and their owners

Post by Assen »

Just for the fun of seeing how far we can come in completing a 100 LE bikes-list. Below is what i could find in the public domain/internet/forum/FB.
So no problems concerning privacy i guess.

Craven Collection York has a Classic, what number?
Paul Ralph now has number LE011?
Solvang Motor Museum has LE100
Mark Smithard (USA) has LE009 and another one with number?
Tony Gutteridge has LE069
Paul Miles has LE035
Albert van de Heijden Netherlands has a Classic, number?
Jannes Geertsma Netherlands (that's me) has number LE044

Who can make the list complete?

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Re: Classic's and their owners

Post by kanonkopdrinker »

Hi Jannes,

I have quite a few more in the club's register.

I will send you what I have.

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