Oil for Norton rotary

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Oil for Norton rotary

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I am wondering if I can replace the mineral oil I am currently running in my 1989 Commander for the Silkolene 2T classic oil.
I know the Silkolene is fully synthetic. How clean do I need to get the oil tank oil lines etc, to start using the synthetic oil.
Thank you
Anthony Duffield
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Re: Oil for Norton rotary

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In my line of work we only mix oil types if the manufacturers advise if the oils are fully miscible.

In our vessels main gearboxes we use a synthetic oil, which we know is not miscible with a mineral oil, so I would suggest your current oil and the Silkolene is the same.

As there is little oil in your engine then I would guess that you should work on getting as much as possible of the oil out of the tank, put in some Silkolene disconnect the outlets of the oil pump and turn the pump until you have new oil flowing from the outlet pipes.

I'm sure your request is not new so someone else who has changed oil types will no doubt jump in.

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Re: Oil for Norton rotary

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