Wankel Treffen 2019

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Wankel Treffen 2019

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The dates for the Wankel Treffen 2019 is the 12th - 14th of July. Full details in April.
This time though it is being held in 53567 Kölsch-Büllesbach (near Bonn) a place where we’ve visited before, back in 2010. Gerald and I only attended for the day because my bike broke down on the Dartford Crossing after I fitted a new Norton Motors digital ignition late the night before. I didn’t have time to take a test run and had incorrectly set the air gap to 0.5mm rather the 2mm.
The journey is about 4 1/2 hours from Calais and relatively easy to complete in a day, I know because I’ve done it. We can even avoid the Brussels ring road by going via Lille a distance of only 474 clicks.
Kind regards, Joe
Gerald Pleace
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Re: Wankel Treffen 2019

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We're back from the treffen and it was a good one.
Four of us from England went along and had a nice ride.
I did have a backfiring Commander for a few miles on the return journey which was probably a fouled plug but it cleared after a bit of a thrashing. It was a bit noisy going through a few small towns before it cleared. Thanks to all who rode there, hope you all got home safely.
Don't know where the meeting will be next year at the moment.
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