Commander fuel tank filler cap

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Commander fuel tank filler cap

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Does anybody know where I can get a new fuel tank filler cap. My one doesn't seal very well so I get some fumes in the garage. I know they are supposed to vent a little but mine is excessive and when locked I can still rotate the cap about 45 deg. The rubber seal is slightly compressed where it seals on the fuel tank filler lip and I suspect the two plastic dogs have worn too thus reducing the down force between the rubber seal and the filler lip.

AN and Startright are out of stock and looking at Fowlers & Yambits web sites it appears that the Commander fuel tank filler cap is different to an XJ900F.

Any suggestions for sourcing a new assembly or just replacing the rubber seal?

tim harrison
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Re: Commander fuel tank filler cap

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I have a vague recollection that the commander petrol cap came from a Fiat from the eighties but this may be that I am suffering from false memory syndrome?
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Re: Commander fuel tank filler cap

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Its a Yamaha item, my key says Yamaha anyway, have a look at Yambits as most things on a Commander are XJ900F the cap might just be the same.

I managed to overhaul my cap, its possible to take it to pieces and make a new seal, have a look I do not think its difficult

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