Removing F1 fuel tank ??

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Removing F1 fuel tank ??

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This year I am going to do the full recommissioning lay up procedure. I have not done it before because I've usually used the bike on and off through the winter. So I am following the instructions about removing air filters and squirting oil down the throats, and then removing spark plugs. Interestingly in one version of the text it says that you'll need a mirror to see the plugs if the radiator is fitted, which is odd because the rad is at the front and the plugs at the back ? Go figure ??
I know where the plugs are and I've obviously changed them before, but not without considerable difficulty . My issue is how do you remove the fuel tank without petrol going everywhere ? I recall that removing the two rear tubes results in fuel pouring out !
I have also noticed that the fuel pipes are a bit hard, so I may well replace them and the filter while I'm at it.
Can someone help me out with the correct sequence to remove it please. ?
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Re: Removing F1 fuel tank ??

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Here you go, re the fuel lines make sure the one way valve is used if you replace the pipework. I remove the fuel line at the pump and bleed the fuel out completely so the header tank is empty before removing the two rear lines.

With the ignition on, Open the throttle this will turn the fuel pump on to empty the tank.
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