Norton Rotary New Rear Chain Gaiters

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Norton Rotary New Rear Chain Gaiters

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Its thanks to Chris Harvey’s hard work that I now have two brand new rear chain gaiters. This means that I will be able to keep my Commander on the road for the foreseeable future, these bikes are not designed to be used without the gaiters as they provide an oil bath and subsequently the lubrication to the rear chain and output shaft outrigger bearing.

Chris has done all of us Norton Rotary enthusiasts a big favour by firstly persuading ANL to loan him the moulds and then managing to find a specialist manufacturer who I must say have done an excellent job, and to make sure that the gaiters were fit for purpose, Chris and his wife Jenny pressure tested each one with not one failure.

As our bikes get older it will be increasingly hard to find the spares to keep them on the road, however as Chris has shown it is possible to provide spares that we thought would be impossible to manufacture, with determination anything is possible.

I believe Chris still has some gaiters left, he can be contacted by e-mail at
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