Very first rotary

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Very first rotary

Post by MikeR »

Hi all,

Finally been allowed to join this forum,I am very new to rotary motorcycles but have always wanted to own one.
Got this one by complete accident while buying a BSA B40 WD when the chap selling it to me said why do you want one of these,
My reply was well it’s different but I always wanted a Norton Commander?
He said well finish loading and come and look in my shed which I did there was a Commander in bits and he said you can buy that one if you want.
So I did! It was owned and registered to Norton Motors for two years then sold to West Midlands police who had it for another two years then they sold it.
I do know for a fact it has not run in the last 27 years it in now being reassembled. It has now finally decided to start but runs like a dead dog carbs need fine tuning and a few other adjustments.
Well that’s all from me now.
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Re: Very first rotary

Post by johnbirchjar »

Hi MikeR,Welcome to the club,(and good luck fine-tuning the carbs and the other "Bits" it may take a while smiley),especially as you are new to Rotories wink,ride safe,J.B.
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