KM48 owner in Australia

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KM48 owner in Australia

Post by lawriemcf »

Hi all
I have always wanted a KM48 and finally imported one from New Zealand.

It runs well but has a noise which sounds very much like a roller bearing running on a corroded shaft. It is so noisy that it disguises the distinctive rotary sound.

I would really appreciate others experience with this problem.
I’m hesitating stripping it down till I have more info.

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Re: KM48 owner in Australia

Post by Joe »

Hello Laurie,

I have found this repair manual for the KM48 on line.

Try this link.

Kind regards, Joe
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Re: KM48 owner in Australia

Post by kanonkopdrinker »

I have had similar with the W2000’s KC27 engine.

The ‘rubbing’ surface of the eccentric shaft broke up / pitted where it ran in the bearings, giving the awful sound you describe.

Maybe strip it down to see if your shaft has these pits?

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Re: KM48 owner in Australia

Post by racecomp »

What part of Australia mate?
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