Commander in New Zealand

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Commander in New Zealand

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Hi some months back I purchased a Commander in New Zealand, probably one of only a handful here and maybe the only NZ new one. The original owner airfreighted the bike to New Zealand and I still have the original invoice for this, it wasn't cheap! He did 84,000 miles on the bike and it was getting very tired before he finally sold it in 2017. The person he sold it to didn't keep it long as it needed a lot of work and so he advertised on NZs version of Ebay. He wasn't exactly honest in his description of the bike as I found out when I finally got the bike, but even if I had known all the problems the bike had I probably still would have bought it.
A so called problem with 3rd gear turned out to be a totally scrap gearbox but by the time I had dismantled enough of the bike to get to the gearbox there wasnt much of the bike left! So what started as a quick tidy up has turned out to be a full blown restoration.
Thanks to two kind gentleman on this forum I have been able to obtain enough parts to rebuild the gearbox and clutch and I have started reassembling the bike.
the start.jpg
Bare in mind I wasn't able to ride the bike before I started I hope I actually like it when its finished. I did actually manage to get it started briefly so Im hoping the actual motor is OK. I have owned a Suzuki RE5 for about 25 years and really enjoy riding that so I was always keen to add a Norton to my stable to keep the Suzuki company. Now I just need to find a DKW but Ive never seen or heard of one here

Thanks again to Richard and Terry M for your help so far

Terry In NZ
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Re: Commander in New Zealand

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Good to see you're not put off by all the problems, at least when it's finished there will only be routine servicing to do . Nice to know my gearbox bits are being put to good use, keep at it T
Regards,Terry , East Yorks
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