A small hello?

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A small hello?

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Just a note to introduce myself. I'm Peter White and I joined the club last year when I bought my Commander P52 (4180) from my friend Tony Coles. I haven't been out on it much due to a few technical problems (all my own fault probably!). I'm afraid that due to age and general decrepitude I'm finding it hard going ridding my mind of Internal combustion engine errors and becoming a true rotarian .. but it will happen! I also own a Commando and BMW S1000R - both of which are so much fun that it doesn't leave much time for the Commander - I'm hopeful though that I'll get it ready for some EU touring this summer...?

My present concern is resetting the fast idle rod length - (It was originally factory set but was altered by a complete numpty...(guess) ) Can anyone recommend a process to find the correct length setting?

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Re: A small hello?

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I did mine on my Classic through trial and error,(the original factory setting was absolute crap exclaim)one of the problems is that it's best to do it with a hot engine,and one burns one fingers evil,so alter the rod when engine is cold,then try it out,using this method takes a while,but one gets there in the end.(I expect there is a "professional" way but I couldn't find it in the Workshop Manual,)good luck,J.B.
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