IP2 and Classic tyre sizes

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IP2 and Classic tyre sizes

Post by BlackIP2 » Sat Jan 04, 2020 11:04 pm

New tyres are needed for my IP2 but I am confused over sizes, as there seem to be quite a few different combinations posted in various road tests, the workshop manual, etc.
They are all V18: 100/80; 100/90; and 110/80 for the front tyre. And for the rear: 110/90; 120/80; and 120/90. I have seen all of these quoted as the sizes fitted to both the IP2 and Classic.
Can anyone offer advice or guidance on this please if it is OK to fit any of these, are there specific combinations that must be fitted together, or is it purely down to personal choice/availability?
I want to fit Avon Roadriders and they have all the sizes except the front 100/80, so I was thinking of 110/80 on the front and a 120/80 on the rear.
Incidentally, the Commander appears to be far more consistent in that everywhere shows the tyres as 100/90 front and 110/90 rear.

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Re: IP2 and Classic tyre sizes

Post by johnbirchjar » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:16 am

Hi Mark,over the past 68,000+ miles I have allways stuck to the original sizes for my Classic of 100x90x18 for the front and 110x90x18 for the rear,rgd,J.B.

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