Silencer mounts

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Silencer mounts

Post by Mick Taylor » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:24 pm

My long running saga involving an oily rear wheel.....which turned out to be a leaking Koni shock......has caused me to remove the left silencer several times in quick succession; it's not over yet as I'm still doing battle with the rivet link (more of that later) and the silencer is back on the bench.

Something I've noticed though, which I don't recall from my previous ownership is an oddity about the way the stainless mounting bracket is secured to the silencer; two short M8 bolts pass through the bracket into a pair of cylindrical threaded retainers which are held within an oblong pressing which is welded to the silencer body.

The threaded retainers are clearly prevented from turning when the bolts are tightened, but they are not held tight to either the silencer or the surrounding pressing and consequently even with the two bolts fully tightened the stainless bracket has a lot of free movement. When the bracket is securely fastened to the footrest plate the silencer is properly wobbly in situ until the forward clamp between the silencer and manifold is tightened, at which point the whole thing becomes completely solid with no movement.

Is this normal or has something gone awry?


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