Improving IP2 front forks

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Improving IP2 front forks

Post by BlackIP2 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:26 pm

Has anyone got experience of improving the ride quality on the IP2/Classic?
The rear end on my IP2 is much better after a new set of NJB gas shocks, but the front end is very stiff and seems unable to damp out even small bumps. As mine no longer carries the huge police fairing, I removed the spacers under the fork nuts which improved the ride quality a little bit.
Using 10w fork oil did not seem to make much difference, though I haven’t tried reducing the amount of oil yet or dropping down to 5w. The ride quality feels as if it improves a little bit after about 20 miles, so does that point to it being an oil or damping related issue?
I suspect with such a limited production run there are no progressive fork springs available, even though the forks are Marzocchi and presumably fitted to other lots of bikes too. I am assuming the same forks and internals were fitted to both the IP2 and Classic.
Or is that how Marzocchis ride and I just have to live with it?

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Re: Improving IP2 front forks

Post by johnbirchjar » Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:08 pm

No,the ride of the forks on the Classic's & IP2's are comparable with other forks of that era.
And stating the obvious about your forks being"true"(ie not having been involved in a shunt,)have you had the springs out and checked that they are the correct ones?other than that I have nothing to offer,J.B.

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